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The Premiere New York Area Halfway House for Women

Haley House - A Transitional Home for Women

Haley House offers a new beginning for women seeking recovery from addiction and co-occurring disorders in a supportive nurturing environment. In this peaceful setting, with individualized attention, women develop the skills and self-discipline necessary to create a full and enriching life free from addiction. With a focus on gender specific concerns we further promote self-discovery and healing.

Our professional and compassionate staff works with each resident, identifying strengths and road blocks to continued recovery. Transitional plans are progressive and realistic, based on individual needs. Recovery for the whole person is supported with adjunct services provided by our trusted network of professionals.

Haley House is fully licensed by the NJ Department of Human Services, Division of Addiction Services.

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Haley House is dedicated to providing a safe, sober and supportive living environment for women who have completed treatment for addiction but need more time and assistance preparing for Living Sober.

Self-responsibility, accountability, self-discipline, along with 12-step philosophy are foundational to the Haley House program of renewal and recovery.

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Our Team

Our staff is the Heart of Haley House. The team is made up of women in recovery who work and live a Twelve Step program. Each member has a special relationship with one another fueled by the dedication to provide every resident the opportunity to live a productive and prosperous sober life, one day at a time.


Meet the Team

The team at Haley House has a combined 100 years of experience with woman at Halfway Houses.

Jackie Re', Director, Haley House

Jackie Ré

Director - BA, CADC, CCTP and Anger Management Specialist, Level 2

Having graduated from St. John's University in 1990 with a BA in Psychology, Jackie began her career in Human Resources and Office Services/Training. She had a strong desire to help others and work with people. Her journey led to a change in industry and Jackie began her career at Haley House in 2011 as Resident Advisor. She was promoted to Resident Advisor Supervisor and Counselor in 2013.

In 2017, Jackie accepted the position of Program Director. Her positive approach focuses on providing appropriate and specific services, keeping the needs of each individual in mind. She has a passion for helping women in recovery and has her BA, CCTP (Certified Clinical Trauma Professional), her CADC (Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor) and Anger Management Specialist, Level 2. She is currently working towards her Master's Degree in Clinical Counseling and LCADC.

Andrea Brancato, Resident Advisor, Counselor at Haley House NJ Halfway House for Women

Andrea Brancato

Resident Advisor, Counselor

Andrea is currently pursuing her counselor of drug and alcohol certification having been a special education teacher for many years.

Haley House is very near and dear to her heart and has played a big part in her pursuing a new career in the field of recovery.

It is very rewarding for her to work with wonderful women who help others achieve sobriety. For this she is very grateful.

Christina Sgaramella, Resident Advisor, Counselor at Haley House - New Jersey Halfway House

Christina Sgaramella

Lead Counselor - LCSW, LCADC

Christina attended The College of New Jersey and received a BA in Psychology in 2007. Christina began her counseling career at Capitol Care, Inc. in April 2008 and remained for over 4 years working in the substance abuse department. Christina was a counselor in the Intensive Outpatient Program and developed an IOP for adolescents. After working at Capitol Care for 2 years, Christina was promoted to the Manager of Substance Abuse Services and remained in this position until she began her employment with the Little Hill Foundation in the Fall of 2012. Christina served at Little Hill Foundation's Alina Lodge as a female counselor for over 5 years before joining the Haley House team.

Christina received a Master's degree in Social Work from Rutgers University in May 2013 and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker as well as a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor.

Mandy Cunard, Resident Advisor, Counselor at Haley House - New Jersey Halfway House

Mandy Cunard

Resident Advisor

Mandy received her degree from the University of Tulsa in Communications in 1974. Upon returning to her home town of Noreaster, PA., Mandy began a long career in Hotel/Resort Management, however she always felt a call to work helping others.

She began her career with Little Hill Foundation in 2011 as a Facilitator, and was promoted to the Supervisor of the Female Facilitation team in 2012. Mandy joined the Haley House team in 2017 as Resident Advisor and assists in administrative duties and group facilitation.

Cheryl Klobe, Resident Advisor at Haley House - NJ Halfway House

Cheryl Klobe

Resident Advisor

Little Hill Foundation has been blessed to have Cheryl be a part of the Family since 2013. Cheryl is very grateful alumna of both Alina Lodge, and Haley House. Cheryl began working in the field of recovery as a Facilitator to the Female Community of Alina Lodge in 2015, using her experiences as a student of Alina, her working knowledge of the twelve steps of alcoholics anonymous, and her experiences in recovery to guide the female students of Alina Lodge. In 2017, Cheryl was transferred to the Haley House family as a full-time Resident Advisor.

Cheryl has also served on various volunteer committees for the Little Hill Foundation, and continues to give of her talents and time to raise money for the scholarship fund for Little Hill Foundation. Cheryl strives to live in an attitude of gratitude for the gifts that have been given to her as a result of her experiences and life lessons she experienced as a student of Alina Lodge, and a resident of Haley House. Cheryl is also a Licensed Practical Nurse, and uses both her medical background, and her "Recovery Tools" to give back to the residents of Haley House.

Amanda Oliver, Resident Advisor, Counselor at Haley House NJ Halfway House

Amanda Oliver

Resident Advisor

Amanda attended The College of New Jersey and received a BA in English in 2008.

Her own recovery brought her to Blairstown, New Jersey where she was a resident of Haley House.

Amanda is now exploring her interest in the field of Recovery by working at Haley House as a Resident Advisor.

She began her employment as a part-time Resident Advisor, and was quickly offered a full-time position in March of 2017.

Amanda states she is truly grateful to continue to be a part of a community that means so much to her.

Cory McCann, Resident Advisor, Support Staff at Haley House NJ Halfway House

Corey McCann

Support Staff - Resident Advisor

Yolanda Smith - Evening Resident Advisor at Haley House

Yolanda Smith

Evening Staff - Resident Advisor


Professional Development

Haley House staff members are certified a wide array of disiplines that serve to broaden the spectrum of education and support throughout the student's stay at Haley House for Women. We are extemely supportive of our staff's professional development.

Anger Management - Century Anger Management Model of Intervention

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional - International Association of Trauma Professionals


Professional Education Systems Institute is the leader in continuing education seminars, conferences, in-house training, webcasts and products for mental health professionals.

Haley House is certified in the follow PESI subjects:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Schema-Focused Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation


Haley Housewomen.org is LegitScript certified.


What Haley House alumni have to say:

I am forever thankful for the knowledge and life skills that I acquired at Haley House.

My experience at Haley House is something that I still think about every day, to this day. Ironically, my name is Haley, so when I was looking into transitional living houses for women, "Haley House" really stood out to me. After doing some research and having an interview with the house, it was very apparent that Haley House was just the place for me to be.

Haley P. - NC, 19 years old

I came to Haley House on my 18th birthday, naturally a little scared. I was welcomed by a house of about twelve other recovering women, and a very, very kind house staff. The resident assistants were extremely personable, and genuinely cared about my needs. I was first encouraged to make and attend meetings, find a home group, have a service commitment, and find a sponsor. And while this list seemed a bit overwhelming at first, it soon grew to be not only a new way of life, but something that I loved and enjoyed. It wasn't before long that I also established a network of great people outside of the house, which really helped me through a lot.

Haley P. - NC, 19 years old

I also learned a great hand-full of life skills from the house. Even just doing small things, like assigned chores around the house, helped to keep structure in my life. We would also help do the grocery shopping, and even took turns cooking dinner for the house! Who would have ever guessed that I liked to cook? Very small things like that helped me learn things about myself that I never knew before. We were also encouraged to get a job, or find volunteer work to occupy our time during the day. I spent my time volunteering for a nearby animal shelter. I can honestly say that it gave me so much satisfaction to give my time to helping out a place like that.

Haley P. - NC, 19 years old

Another great part about the house was that we had morning meetings. We had a whole different array of groups, from eating disorders anonymous, spirituality group, and meditation group. We also get one-on-one time with the house counselor to go over our progress, or anything else that we had any concern about. It was a great way of being kept accountable for certain things that we planned to accomplish. It's something that I think anyone can benefit from.

Haley P. - NC, 19 years old

I am forever thankful for the knowledge and life skills that I acquired at Haley House. I have come a very long way in my recovery, and I could not have done it without the love and encouragement I received from everyone there. It is such an adventure, and I seriously recommend it to anyone seeking a women's transitional living house! The opportunities are endless!

Haley P. - NC, 19 years old

Haley House gave me the discipline and tools I needed to make something of myself in this world. I have been through all kinds of rehabilitation programs and other types of halfway houses, but Haley House was different. No other facility gave me the structure or held me accountable in the way that Haley House did.

Rachel M.

While in my 3rd rehab in a 2-year span, I decided I needed a long-term treatment plan to change my behavior. My therapist and I looked online for a 6 month female half way house that was not too far from where I lived. We found Haley house and both agreed it was a good fit. My ego told me it would be easy and fun and while that was true some of the time, I quickly learned it was not a "quick fix" but a real test of my ability to stay sober and change the way I had lived for 10 years.

Rachel M.

Upon arriving I met the staff who were supportive and understanding, but I was intimidated and anxious because I could tell there was no fooling these women. it was then I realized I had never really changed during 30-day rehabs. I needed more time with people who saw right through the false exterior. I was terrified but willing. I wanted to do whatever I needed to in order to stay clean. I was challenged on every level. I lived with women my age as well as much older. I found this helpful because it was an example of where I didn't want my life to be in 40 years.

Rachel M.

I say often that this experience was my bottom because I had to actually feel and experience my emotions for the very first time, and where better to deal with that than Haley. The home itself is spacious yet cozy, and there is someone to talk to and receive support from 24 hours a day. The staff has designed the home to function as a family, taking on chores, meals and grocery shopping together. These tasks taught me how to live as a normal functioning human being, as well as how to live with others. As well as functioning as a member of the family, I had to do certain things to gain responsibility. The First and most difficult step was to choose a sponsor, it was really hard to make myself vulnerable. But once I found a woman who had what I wanted, I swallowed my pride and asked, and I could breathe again when she accepted. We developed a trusting relationship and she walked me through the steps over my 6-month stay. After that I was on the job hunt and it was terrifying.

Rachel M.

By following Haley House's suggestions, I learned valuable life lessons, I learned about me and also what mattered to me. I was merely existing before Haley house. Now I had something to contribute to society. Upon leaving Haley, you are given a strict calling plan to stay in touch with the staff. The staff stay close to you so you don't feel as if you've paid your bill and off you go! A year later I still have contact monthly with them. I am still welcome to stop by anytime if I need a refuge. I believe this is what separated Haley House from other halfway houses, you are a member of their family for life. They gave me the discipline and tools I needed to make something of myself in this world. Today people trust me and even enjoy being around me. And the biggest gift of all was my baby girl that arrived this past October. I get to be a great mom and wife today and I believe I owe it all to the staff at Haley House.

Rachel M.

Before Haley House, I was able to get sober. Staying sober was another issue. I always found myself in horrible situations after a period of time away from drinking and drugs, worse every relapse. After being in long-term treatment, I wasn't elated at the idea of a halfway house. But I had a small amount of willingness, and that's all that it took. I wanted to change my life for the long run - not temporarily. I have been through all kinds of rehabilitation programs and other types of halfway houses, but Haley House was different. No other facility gave me the structure or held me accountable in the way that Haley House did. I learned how to be a responsible member of society, and most importantly, become involved in a 12-step community.

Rachel M.

There is no doubt in my mind that the tools that I learned at Haley House have enabled me to have the life I have today. I have done things in sobriety that I never thought I could do and been through situations I never thought I could stay sober through.

Haley House was not easy, but the life I have now has made it all worth it. I am forever grateful for Teresa, Susan, and the caring staff at Haley House.

I am so glad to have my family back in my life!!!!!

Life is good!!!

Rachel M.


Nestled along the banks of the Paulinskill River in rural, northwestern New Jersey on 10 beautiful, wooded acres, Haley House is adjacent to the main campus of Little Hill Foundation. The Poconos are just 15 minutes away.

The spacious design of the interior boasts a Great Room, Kitchen, Dining Room, Meditation Room, Exercise Room and 9 Bedrooms - each with private bath. The décor is warm and inviting for a relaxed and comfortable feel.

Local Activities include:

  • Hiking Trails
  • Skiing & Snow Sports
  • Horseback Riding and Fishing
  • Whitewater Rafting & Water Sports
  • Delaware Water Gap National Park
  • Theaters & Playhouses
  • Museums and Galleries


Haley House is located within driving distance of New York City and Philadelphia.

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