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Haley House Residents Benefit from these Services:

Individual Counseling: Licensed counselors providing assessment, goal planning, psychiatric & psychological referral, discharge planning and aftercare.
Group Therapy: Four groups per week addressing the challenges of personal recovery, communication, self-discovery and topics related to successful recovery.
Family Reintegration: Assist in reunification with family. Provide education materials and recommendations for family recovery and cooperation.
Educational and Vocational Guidance: Providing assistance and materials needed to continue education, find a job and get in touch with local volunteer organizations.
12 Step Meetings: The 12 step philosophy is a way of life and must be learned through active membership in the 12-step fellowship.
Life Skills: Basic life skills which need to be learned or re-learned in sobriety are addressed in group discussion and hands on.
Recreational Activities: To promote a sense of adventure and self-discovery, learning how to enjoy sobriety and all that life has to offer.
Adjunct Therapies: On site and referrals to psychiatrist, psychologist, eating disorder therapist and other Professional services as needed.
24/7 Staff Supervision: Understanding the ups and downs of recovery, we have Resident Advisors that are available to provide understanding, guidance and support.